Naples Builder Developments


Naples hosts 25 new Builder Developments to buy a home in Naples

Sites range from North Naples to South Naples/Marco

17,000 units are underway or planned

Single family Homes, Villas, Townhouses, Coach Homes and Condos

Pick a floor plan and tailor to your personal environment


Let’s meet to discuss what your lifestyle and environment dream is. We’ll visit some development areas to see what feels best to you so you can be informed when you buy a home in Naples.

Naples Builder Developments
Naples AreaPlanned Property TypesNumber of Price RangeGolf
Planned Units
Central and East NaplesSingle Family, Condo, Villa600$185k to $475kN
North Naples GulfsideCondos80$1.75M to $4.95MN
South Naples/MarcoSingle Family, Condo, Villa600$185k to $475kN
North NaplesSingle Family133From $400kN
North and East NaplesSingle Family359$410k to $665kN
Central and East NaplesSingle Family108$300 to $400kN
North NaplesSingle Family128$300k to $450kY
LelySingle Family443$300k to $500kN
North and East Naples Single Family, Coach1129$280k to $1.1MY
South Naples/Marco Single Family, Condo6000$400k to $2+MY
LelySingle Family, Villa365$300k to $900kY
DowntownSingle Family53$2.6M to $3.5MN
Central NaplesSingle Family148$300k to $600kN
North and EastSingle Family110$490k to $700kN
Central NaplesSingle Family65$570k to $1MN
South Naples/MarcoSingle Family1154$360k to $1.7MN
DowntownTownhouse, Condo300$600k to $1.5MN
LelyTownhouse, Condo623$250k to $450kY
North and East NaplesSingle Family, Villa85$400k+N
North and East NaplesTownhouse133$200k to $245kN
North and East NaplesSingle Family363$370k to $550kN
South NaplesSingle Family, Condo, Villa1600$300k to $1MN
South NaplesSingle Family, Condo, Villa1400$200k to $1MY
North and East NaplesSingle Family152$350k to $450kN
South and East NaplesSingle Family, Villa774$270k to $600KN