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No Banks for Me.

A GREAT mortgage broker is a MUST. I gave my customer two to choose from. My GO TO woman got them a better rate but also saved them $8k in prepays. #savingsmatter, #prosknow, #ratesmatter.

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When “As Is” Isn’t

When “AS IS” Isn’t.‼️ Twice in the last month I was involved in “As Is’ real estate sales contracts. Sellers use this format because they don’t want to contribute to any “fixing” expenses.✅ The catch is the buyer can walk from the contract for any reason within generally 15 days. In EACH of my cases…

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Only took a month

Closing today on property in Cape Coral. 💲💲We had to give a concession towards a new roof (even thought current one not leaking). BUT…. the goal of selling is to get to the closing with a fair number.‼️😁😁 #finished, #ontothenext.

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